Why CTOs and HR Departments Choose Drupal for Corporate Intranets

A decision on the technology chosen for an intranet is important. Intranets span throughout organisations reaching every single employee and various business processes. They also play a dual role: of a news portal and the social and organizational platform. Not many software tools on the market can cater to all the needs the intranet has — but Drupal can. When multiple systems are evaluated for an intranet, Drupal comes on top. Here is why.

Meets multiple requirements out of the box

Account management, roles, and permissions

This capability can be expanded with a contrib Group module which can allow for department-level permissions to add content or access it only in certain sections of the intranet. A department head might only be able to add news accessible by one department. Notifications about new content might be sent only to relevant employees not the whole company.


Publishing and workflows

Drupal is a great CMS. With the workflow module and the above-mentioned permissions, it allows the company to create a formalised process of preparing, reviewing and publishing content. Additional (freely available) modules help with custom requirements like scheduling content to be published at predefined times.

REST APIs ready for integration

Multiple other functionalities

No vendor lock-in

Thousands of agencies around the world use Drupal and provide support for it. Thanks to this, there is no need to stick to one agency. The company can change agencies or work with several agencies at the same time to ensure that it gets the best results. It could also (if it whished) hire in-house Drupal specialists and maintain the intranet by itself.


With its regular release cycle, Drupal remains up to date and ships new features regularly.


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