Which Online Learning Platforms are Suitable for Firms and Universities?

Why is choosing the right education platform important?

Advantages of using an online learning tool in the company

  • possibility of training all participants without having to physically gather them at the same place and time — they have access to lectures, exercises and quizzes around the clock, from anywhere,
  • consistent message — every course participant has access to the same content, and in the case of creating a course from scratch, the author builds it based on the established standards for creating materials,
  • ease of managing the progress of students — you check whether the people covered by the training have acquired the knowledge by conducting tests and quizzes,
  • lack of expenses related to the travel of trainers and the people participating in the course, catering or accommodation,
  • saving time — the training can take place at any time; in addition, the materials are available on the platform around the clock.

How to choose an online learning platform

  • What goal do you want to achieve? Some platforms are designed for those who want to sell courses, while others are better suited to companies and universities that need systems to conduct internal training courses.
  • Ease of managing the platform. A tool that’s too difficult to use will result in the need for a long employee induction or make it necessary to hire an expert to handle it. Involve the future system administrator in the process of selecting the platform — it’s them who’ll import and test the training course and help you choose the most intuitive and easy-to-use platform.
  • Effectiveness. The instructor or trainer who knows the difficulties faced by the students and what functionalities are necessary for effective learning should also have a say in choosing the tool. If you have the opportunity to get feedback from representatives of the groups that are going to acquire knowledge using this tool (students, employees, clients), use it.
  • Type of tool. There are paid and open-source solutions that require implementation and maintenance by an IT team.
  • publication of own training, courses, exercise and exam tests,
  • making the training courses available to all users,
  • possibility of direct communication with students (forum, chat with moderation, mailing, email account),
  • access to reports on learning outcomes and compilation of statistics on participants’ data,
  • generating feedback on the training by the students.
  • training topics,
  • course difficulty levels,
  • possibility of testing the users,
  • available course forms,
  • intuitiveness of the platform.

Best online learning platforms






Personalized online learning platform on Drupal

  • creating courses based on various types of content,
  • advanced reporting,
  • selling the created courses,
  • automatically generating certificates in the PDF format,
  • formulating requirements for starting the course.

Online learning platforms — summary



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