What is Sylius and How to Use It?

What is an open source ecommerce platform?

Sylius for ecommerce

Is Sylius free?

Features of the free version

  • Order management — every order is linked with the channel (e.g. webstore, mobile application) it came from and the language the customer used to make it.
  • Taxation — you can use the right taxes for different products and billing zones.
  • Payments — support for many payment providers.
  • Shipments — possibility to attach multiple shipments per order.
  • Product reviews — thanks to this feature, your customers can leave opinions about the products they purchased.
  • Product association — you can suggest to customers the items complementary to the one they’re currently viewing.
  • Sylius themes — it’s a great option when you have more than one channel for a single instance and you want every channel to have a different look and feel.

Why use Sylius?

  1. Scalability. You can deploy Sylius on a single server or in the cloud on a multi-server architecture that is autoscaling. This provides great efficiency for large projects.
  2. Flexibility. You can customize every part of this platform, thanks to its well-thought-out and modern architecture, and the usage of the Symfony framework.
  3. Possibility to apply it on multiple devices. You can easily create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, or a progressive web app, due to built-in ecommerce application interfaces in Sylius.
  4. Developer friendly. This ecommerce platform ensures the highest code quality, has a strong testing environment and uses Business-Driven Development (BDD). It means that the tests are written in a business language which accelerates the application’s testing.

Sylius plugins

Custom online store



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