What Does a Drupal Developer Do and Know?

Drupal is a complex content management system (more specifically content management framework) offering great possibilities both for businesses and developers. Although the multitude of tools and subjects to learn can be overwhelming for them at first, this CMS will reward the programers with interesting technical challenges in the long run. They can also count on the support of the constantly evolving community. Do you want to become a part of it? Learn what exactly a Drupal developer should know and do.

Who are Drupal developers and what skills do they have?

PHP and PHP framework

Frontend languages

Drupal website development

Drupal developers can create taxonomies, nodes, content types, image presets, and navigation, as well as work with Drupal APIs. As for the latter, we mean, for example:

  • Form API used for creating and processing forms on a website,
  • Render API, which deals with the render arrays, pipeline, elements, and caching,
  • Cache API that stores data taking a long time to compute,
  • Database API provides a developer a standard abstraction layer for accessing database servers.

Regarding databases, a Drupal developer also knows SQL and MySQL for setting up Drupal databases.

Modules creation

Themes creation

For this type of work, developers have to have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as they operate with a theme layer. They should also be able to implement responsive design.

Member of a Drupal Community

How to become a Drupal developer?

  • You can begin with building a site by clicking and checking different configuration options to familiarize yourself with the administration panel.
  • Then you can explore the Views module by trying to make basic views and blocks. When you’ll feel comfortable with it, challenge yourself with creating more complex views with relationships and terms.
  • The next step can be themes and modules. Analyzing the code of the last ones, you’ll understand how they’re built, as well as see the possibilities of Drupal’s core. Explore the most popular modules to get to know some good PHP programming practices and naming conventions.

Learning alone, you can decide what subject you discover when you do it and at what pace. The downsides may be the problems with systematizing the knowledge and verifying your solutions. However, the Drupal community will give you a helping hand in such situations.

Within the second learning path, the experienced developers can provide you with a well-thought-out Drupal Training that consists of the topics you’ll need in your future daily work.

Learning with experts in the field, I get solid knowledge resources, substantive support, and fast answers to my questions. Without the help of the meteor, I’d be still programming reproductively with a limited understanding of different subjects. — Marcin Dębicki, Drupal developer.

How long does it take to learn Drupal development?

  • gaining knowledge alone — it can take from one to several years to feel more comfortable,
  • practising with the help of good developers — you may become an independent developer after about a year.

Learning materials

As for the paid resources, you can f.e. try Drupalize.Me — a training platform with a library of video tutorials, or get the expert books. On Goodreads, you’ll find quite a few publications, like:

  • Drupal 8 Development Cookbook,
  • Drupal 8 Module Development: Build modules and themes using the latest version of Drupal 8,
  • Drupal 8 Theming with Twig.

Another method that can support your learning is attending the events. The biggest one is DrupalCon which gathers the users and companies related to this CMS from all around the world. It offers sessions for the developers at different levels. However, there are also many local events like DrupalCamp Poland.

Finally, the fastest way to become a Drupal developer is to join our team and learn from the best experts who will be your mentors.

Originally published at https://www.droptica.com.

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