What are the Top Open Source Ecommerce Platforms?

Internet sales — different approaches

Why is choosing the proper ecommerce platform so important?

Commercial ecommerce solutions vs open source ecommerce platforms

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms

Platforms with a paid license for ecommerce

Open source ecommerce platforms

  1. Accessing the source code. You have the opportunity to create a unique ecommerce website thanks to the option of introducing modifications or adding your own functionalities to the original code.
  2. Scaling the online store. You can gradually expand your online store. Open source software is a good choice for people starting a business, planning to increase the number of customers, and expand the product range. You can start with creating the minimum of functionalities needed to run the business, and then add more complex solutions.
  3. Great possibilities of personalizing the ecommerce website. Thanks to the modules, you get almost unlimited freedom of personalizing the site and you can adjust the store to your expectations.
  4. Support of a large community. The developers create and provide their own extensions and modules for the ecommerce industry. They share software patches, and in addition you can find a lot of useful tips and materials on the web facilitating work on a given platform.
  5. Not depending on a single solution provider. Any specialist can edit the code of an open source platform they are experienced with. Therefore, the owner of the online shop isn’t forced to work with one interactive agency or with a specific developer. They can find another expert at any time.
  6. Better SEO. By having access to the source code, the store owner can adapt the website to the search engine guidelines and implement a set of good practices in developing the page or adding new content.

1. PrestaShop

2. Magento

3. OpenCart

4. Drupal Commerce

5. Sylius

Open source ecommerce platforms — summary



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