What are the Most Popular Ecommerce Payment Methods You Can Use in Your Store?

Why is it worth offering various electronic payment methods?

How to choose the right ecommerce payment systems for your online store?

  • security of the transaction — before making your final choice, check whether the given company has the relevant certificates and partnership agreements with VISA or MasterCard,
  • payment automation — make sure that the operator allows for the return of funds via API, so that the return process doesn’t require any action from your employees,
  • number of available payment methods — the more payment options you can provide to your customers, the more likely they are to complete the transaction,
  • costs and commissions — each payment system provider determines the method of settlement for using its services (a fixed fee for each transaction, a percentage of the amount, a subscription),
  • freedom to withdraw funds — it’s obvious that you want to have access to the money you have earned at all times, so choose an online payment service provider that doesn’t restrict withdrawals from your account (unfortunately, some intermediaries impose restrictions on corporate customers),
  • access to transaction history — constant insight into what is happening on your account is very important as it allows you to monitor your revenues and withdrawals.

Popular ecommerce payment methods

1. Quick transfers


3. Traditional transfers

4. Payment card

5. E-wallets

6. Mobile payment applications

Drupal Commerce payment modules

Payment options in Sylius

Ecommerce payment methods — summary



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