What are Project Management Methodologies and Which One to Choose for your Project?

Why may you need project management methodologies?

Waterfall Project Management

  • Good project documentation helps to control its course.
  • The process is linear so its course is easy to understand or predict.
  • At the planning stage, the client can see what will happen and when step by step (at least according to plans).
  • Any changes to the design can’t be made in a flexible manner.
  • The first changes are presented and put into action only after all the planned tasks have passed through every design stage.


What does an iteration mean?


  • Perfectly visualizes the current status of work.
  • It helps to identify the tasks that are bottlenecks and directly affect the pace of task completion and downtime.
  • It requires constant control and updating to correctly visualize the current course of the project.
  • It won’t suit interdisciplinary, large project teams and task-rich projects well.
  • It’s a very basic method, so it may not be enough for effective project management.


3 roles in Scrum

5 events in Scrum

3 artifacts

When to use Scrum methodology?

  • Focus on continuous improvement of the project implementation process.
  • Ability to divide the project into smaller parts that can be implemented in accordance with the client’s priorities.
  • The success of the project depends on the close cooperation of the team and compliance with the Scrum rules and regulations.
  • The lack of breaks between sprints may cause the project team members to burn out quickly.


  • It perfectly visualizes the workflow in the project.
  • It helps to quickly identify which tasks contribute to the formation of bottlenecks.
  • It cuts down the complex rules and theories, and reduces the number of meetings, which saves time and increases the efficiency of the project team.
  • Every team member can work on no more than one task at a time.
  • Giving up the daily meetings limits the role of the Project Manager in controlling the process and their possible rapid response.

What methodology do we use at Droptica?

Which methodology is the best for your project?

  1. How involved and available will the client or end user be in the project implementation process?
  2. What are the client’s workflow tracking needs?
  3. Does the client anticipate introducing a large number of changes?
  4. How well-documented is the product specification?
  5. How quickly must the product resulting from the project implementation be delivered?
  6. What is the experience of the organization or members of the project team in working with a given method?



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