Time & Material and Work on a Website

What is Time & Material?

Why Time & Material?

Advantages of Time & Material?

  • Flexibility. Managing the project as part of the Agile methodology allows you to respond on a regular basis and define tasks in the context of the current requirements. So, T&M fits here as the most effective form of work time tracking, obviously. It is easier to plan over short distances, but also — to estimate the resources needed.
  • Transparency. Thanks to project management tools, the client has an insight into the whole of works: they see how much time the programmers have spent on the project in total; they see how much time the tasks take.
  • Communication. This is an advantage, but also an obvious need arising from the T&M model. In order to manage the project well, communication must be systematic. And thanks to the fact that it is being carried out regularly, the whole process remains constantly updated.
  • Reducing the financial risk. T&M provides the ability to predict overspending. If one can see that the task takes too much time and does not cause any progress in the project, and maybe even blocks other works, it is possible to opt-out of the task or change its scope. It is, therefore, taking action in advance in the case of costs being incurred. In this way, the financial risk is being reduced.

When to use Time & Material?

  • Comprehensive project. If the website is to be an extensive one, with many functionalities, numerous integrations and the involvement of at least a few programmers, T&M will be an ideal solution. Why? Because it is difficult to foresee all the variables in a comprehensive project, especially when it turns out at the initial planning stage that the work can take many months.
  • Testing the solutions. If the website is to obtain its final shape after the attempts to use individual functionalities, and it is not known which of them will be the final ones, T&M will also be the most effective in this case in the context of management. Why? Because obtaining information about a website is a process. An ongoing analysis corrects the ways to achieve the goal.
  • Expanding the current website. If the existing website requires some changes, a not very complicated reconstruction, a redesign of basic elements. Why will T&M also work then? Because these do not interfere much with the architecture, the code of the website. Changes can take relatively little time. It is better then to control their cost through T&M than to pay for the service in advance, which in this situation could pose a risk of overpaying.

Time & Material at Droptica




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