Running a Company Blog Based on Droopler — a Drupal CMS

Company blog and the purpose of running it

Building the company brand

Expert position and relationship building

Website’s Google visibility

Blog is a great form of advertising

  • extends the community of potential clients,
  • redirects to the company’s offer,
  • gives the opportunity to present the company’s case studies,
  • allows for putting promotional banners on the blog website,
  • is a source of information about the brand and services,
  • guarantees an increase within the website’s SEO,
  • creates the image of an expert,
  • provides space for promoting services and products, as well as for presenting the history of the brand,
  • provides the content to be used in company newsletters, social media and industry portals.

Blog configuration in Droopler

What is Droopler?

Adding a blog in Droopler

Preparation of the blog running strategy

1. Content creation

2. Determine the recipient

3. Stay up to date

4. Plan — the publication schedule

  • When will you write and on what topic?
  • What topics do you plan to address — set the criteria.
  • How often will you publish new articles?
  • Collect the materials necessary for publishing the entry in advance.
  • Determine who is responsible for the article.

5. SEO

Measuring the effects in GA




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