Remote Work in Droptica — Learn How We Do It

Droptica had 2 offices from the first day of operations. Since the beginning, we organized work so that our team of Drupal experts can be effective from any location. Today especially this is clear that remote-first setup benefits us greatly. Let me show you how a typical day in Droptica looks like and what tools we use for remote work.

The benefits and the risks


Working in focus

A balance between work and home

  1. Personal time and work time. It makes sense to establish clear working hours. Set up your alarm clock and sit down at the exact time. Work throughout the day till time runs out (eg 8 am till 4pm). This lets you clearly divide work time and home time.
  2. Changing clothes also helps. Going to work? — dress for work. Remember about this especially if you intend to do video calls. You are at home but you are working. Remember that.
  3. Have clear tasks to accomplish each day. If these are not clearly defined, make a list of your goals for the day for yourself. Then try to accomplish all that you planned to do. This will allow you to motivate yourself if you find yourself slowing down or procrastinating.
  4. For some people having a “work mug” helps. Choose a mug which you will drink coffee from when you are at work and do not use it only during working hours. This additionally helps separating “work time” from “home time”. It also helps employees to understand when you are still working and when you finished.

Communication and relations

Wy remote work works in Droptica

  1. We are agile — adaptation, openness and good cooperation with the client as well as mutual respect are our values.
  2. Trust is our key to success — we trust each other to do the work well and we try to live up to our expectations. This is a cardinal rule in any remote work environment and it is with us for many years.
  3. Low employee rotation — thanks to teams working together for a long time, we can offer project continuity and a feeling of togetherness. This directly enhances teams dedication and focus on delivering on deadlines.
  4. Integration — our teams know each other better every day. We organise team night outs and retreats (on hold for now due to lock-downs) which allow us to get to now each other better in private. An integrated team allows everyone to feel better what directly improves work commitment and company results.
  5. Happy clients — clients are a priority for us. Our projects are always on time.



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