PHP 8 — What’s New?

Union types

class Example {  private int|string $id;

public function setId(int|string $id): void {
$this->id = $id;
public function getId(): int|string {
return $this->id;

Named arguments

foo(string $b, ?string $a, ?string $r): {
b: 'Foo',
r: 'Bar',

Constructor property promotion

// PHP 7
class Example {

public Foo $foo;

protected Bar $bar;

public function __construct(
Foo $foo,
Bar $bar
) {
$this->foo = $foo;
$this->bar = $bar;
}// PHP 8
class Example {

public function __construct(
public Foo $foo,
protected Bar $bar,
) {}


use Php\Attributes\Deprecated;

<<Deprecated("Use bar() instead")>>
function foo() {}

Match expression

$controller = match ($status_code) {
200 => new PageController(),
301, 302, 303 => new RedirectController(),
404 => new PageNotFoundController(),

JIT (Just in time compiler)

Other new features

  • nullsafe operator — equivalent of null coalescing operator for methods e.g. $item->getField()?->getValue();
  • static — added as returned value type, previously only self was available;
  • mixed — a new value type, which means the same as the known mixed value in the comments, which is any simple type;
  • WeakMaps — a mechanism for storing references, which at the same time allows for their removal by the garbage collector;
  • using the magic ::class method on objects — allows you to obtain the same value as returned from the get_class() function;
  • trailing comma in the list of function parameters;
  • handling exceptions without the need for them to be assigned to a variable;
  • new Stringable interface — automatically assigned to all classes that implement __toString() method;
  • validation of abstract methods derived from traits.

New features


str_starts_with() and str_ends_with()


General changes




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