How To Make The Website Keep Up With The Scale of Your Business?

Every company strives for development. This often means a parallel development of its website that reflects the ever-wider business offer. Do you want your website to grow with your business? See how to prepare a strategy that will enable development without losing the current quality of services.

Scalability — what is it?

Website development paths: organic development

  • adding a company blog
  • contact forms
  • photo galleries, price lists, case studies and many more.


Website factory

  • Website for a given country — containing offers or products prepared for a given region, in the language used there.
  • Many brands — each of the company’s brands have individual visual features, but the pages contain similar elements (like videos, forms, etc.).
  • Many pages for the same brand — visually similar, but containing different elements describing the product’s use or its complementary elements.
  • Remember, however, that creating tens or even hundreds of pages from scratch is an uphill task. Not only does it generate huge costs, but also the number of errors that can be made is growing rapidly.

What else should be considered?


  • Removing the unused resources and optimising the architecture. The easiest way is to free up the resources that are not being used or may have another, better use.
  • Cloud migration

Open Source software

  • require no license fees — which saves money,
  • are highly scalable, and many have been programmed in such a way that the components are stable and secure even at high page loads,
  • has a lot of features that will enrich your website. They can be installed in the form of so-called modules or plug-ins and personalised to a high extent.


Final thoughts



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