How to Maintain and Secure Your Drupal Website? Free Webinar [16.11]

2 min readNov 8, 2023


Do you have a Drupal website and often wonder how to maintain, secure, monitor, and grow it? Join the free Droptica webinar on Thursday, 16th of November, at 3:00 pm CEST to find the best practices.

What topics will we cover on the live stream?

The day-to-day care and development of a running Drupal website don’t have to be complicated. There are certain steps you can take on a regular basis to keep your web page in tip-top condition.

During the webinar, Maciej Łukiański — CEO and co-founder of Droptica — will highlight key challenges and best practices for keeping your website stable and secure. He’ll also show you some new features to implement in your web application for long-term success.

The topics during the webinar will include:

✅ web page audit,
✅ security updates,
✅ uptime monitoring,
✅ types of development works,
✅ manual and automated testing.

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