How to Create a Good Email Marketing Strategy for Your Company?

What is an email marketing strategy?

  • the goals to be achieved by the organization,
  • tasks that must be completed within the indicated deadlines,
  • the tools suitable for implementation of the email marketing strategy,
  • the methods, programs and variables that’ll be used to evaluate the effects of the implemented plan.

Creating an email marketing strategy — 5 tips

1. Analyze your contact list and determine email segmentation possibilities

2. Set your email marketing goals

3. Consider the style of communication.

4. Choose the right email marketing automation tools

5. Analyze the results and modify the email strategy

What types of email marketing campaigns can you use?

Welcome campaign

Limited offer campaign

Cross-selling campaign

Reminder campaigns

Challenge campaigns

After-sales campaigns

Win-back campaign

Newsletter in a marketing strategy

  • the changes in the scope of your business activity (e.g. about the new products or services),
  • the reasons why it’s worth choosing your offer (e.g. by linking to your case studies),
  • the effectiveness of your solutions, e.g. providing statistics showing how your brand promotion program increases sales or the company’s visibility on the web,
  • the new activities within your community (e.g. about the Facebook groups, closed and open events.

Create an email marketing plan for your company

Email marketing strategy — summary



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