How Much Does It Cost To Build a Website With Drupal



  • Complex editorial workflows — The website can have various editorial flows with roles and permissions. Implementing the logic of assigning content in various stages to correct personnel requires time.
  • Multilingual — Multilingual websites usually require a bit more implementation time and configuration. Drupal luckily makes it possible to build great multilingual websites easily, but they require more work nonetheless. If you combine editorial workflows with multi-language requirements, the complexity is.. well quadrupled.
  • External integrations — Drupal is great in communicating with APIs and other external services, but each one has to be configured and tested.
  • Other custom logic and requirement


  • If you need a website that will take around 60 man-days to build, it can be done by 1 developer in 3 months.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can work with 3 developers. 3 developers will have to coordinate and communicate and overall the time it takes to build will not be exactly 3 times shorter. It will take a bit more — say 1 month and a week (total of 75 working days).
  • The tighter the deadline, the more people will be required. If in our example you hired a 6 developer team, they will not deliver the website in 2 weeks but more probably in 3 (90 working days), plus they will need a Project Manager to coordinate work (additional 15 days).

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Agency vs Freelancer

Agency selection

How are Drupal website costs calculated

  1. Drupal installation and setup — Drupal has to be installed and placed on a server. If you are building something more complicated, a staging environment will be required to test new features before deployment. Perhaps a continuous integration environment and automated tests if you expect to iterate a lot on your website.
  2. Selection of modules, installation and configuration — Drupal itself is like a framework. It allows you to do a lot but, out of the box, it is a fairly generic experience. Multiple modules have to be installed to enhance its functionality to the standard level expected from a business website these days. For example, SEO plugins (metatags, xml sitemap etc) have to be installed and configured.
  3. Building your custom pages — You will want to build custom pages to be able to present your content in the best possible way
  4. Design/Theme — If you are building a business website, you will need a custom design to represent your brand. Creating a design and theming drupal can often take quite a lot of time.

More complex projects will require additional elements and team members:

  1. Project management — To ensure a longer project is on track to deliver in time and budget, it is best to include a project manager in a team
  2. Quality assurance — Complex project can require a tester who will validate that what the development team creates, meets the requirements. A tester will ensure that the website works correctly on all browsers, devices and screen sizes
  3. DevOps — Complex projects may require a dedicated specialist to manage server architectures and deployment processes.

Drupal development costs vary by region

  1. USA: $80-$150
  2. Western Europe: $60-$100
  3. Eastern/Central Europe $40-$60
  4. Asia — Pacific — $25-$40
  • a small, simple website might take about 20+ man-days
  • a medium, depending on complexity will require 40+ man-days
  • bigger projects start from 100+
  • large websites often require big teams spanning over multiple months




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