How did we help to double mobile sales in a Drupal Commerce store?

Publishing house

The start of cooperation

  • a module allowing users to send purchased products as gifts;
  • pick-up point selection;
  • integrating Drupal Commerce with Freshmail, which allowed the publishing house to target newsletters and send information about new products via e-mail.

Mobile version

Summary of changes

  • Improved layout for mobile devices — it is now clear, it attracts customers and makes it easier to navigate the site and make purchases.
  • Changes in the purchasing process (forms were adapted to the mobile layout) to speed up shopping and facilitate the choice of delivery and payment methods from smartphones and tablets.
  • Fixing bugs on mobile screens.
  • The website was adapted to current standards.
  • Implementing automatic testing, helping us catch bugs and saving developers’ time.
  • Reduced session duration coupled with increased revenues for customers using mobile devices. This means that the customers find what they are looking for quicker than before.
  • Increase in purchases made using mobile devices by 200%.


  • improving headlines;
  • adding a notification for editors if the optimal number of characters in the description tag is exceeded — the information in the tag is displayed as hints during searches;
  • adding a sitemap;
  • adding price and product availability to Google search results;

Results of SEO work

  • Changes resulting in a higher position in search engine results.
  • Increased traffic from search engines (Google and others). Traffic increased by 50%.
  • Indexing all pages belonging to the Wydawnictwo WAM Publishing House bookstore. Google and other search engines now crawl the entire content of the pages, indexing all products and improving the publisher’s competitive edge.
  • Adding tools informing about traffic on the website.
  • The search results include additional information regarding price and availability.
  • Easier work for editors (SEO compliance information) when adding new items.


  • A significant increase in website traffic and sales in the months following the implementation of the changes.
  • Increase in desktop sales by 50% compared to the previous year.
  • Increase in purchases made using mobile devices by 200% compared to the previous year.
  • 84% more new users.
  • A new layout that makes it easier for customers using smartphones and tablets to navigate and make purchases.
  • New layout and graphic design for mobile devices.
  • Quicker page loading times.
  • Reduced rejection rate.
  • Full GDPR compliance of the store.
  • Improved (simplified and sped up) purchasing process — from the shopping cart to selection of the delivery method.
  • Making sure that Google and other search engines crawl all content, products and items.
  • Additional product information in Google search results.
  • Easier work for editors working in the bookstore.
  • Compliance with current standards.
  • Introduction of automated tests that will make it easier and faster for developers to later work for the publishing house.



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