How Can Progressive Web Apps Support Your Business?

What are progressive web apps?

  • Responsiveness — unlike native applications, PWA isn’t written with a specific operating system (iOS, Android) in mind, but is created to adapt to any screen resolution of the used device.
  • Compatibility with various browsers — a PWA application works properly on the most commonly used browsers.
  • Using the functions of mobile devices — it’s also worth mentioning that, although there are some limitations, these types of applications may also use various functions of mobile devices similar to native applications (e.g. access to geolocation, camera).
  • Possibility of offline use — you can use the functions of a progressive application both online and offline.
  • Automatic updates — the user doesn’t need to worry about checking or downloading new updates as this is carried out automatically.
  • No need for installation — a PWA application doesn’t require downloading or installation on a device. This means that the consumption of the device’s resources is low. Although an icon redirecting to the application will appear on the display, it’s only a shortcut to a web application.

The most important advantages of PWA for business

Positioning the application in the browser

You don’t have to put the application in App Store or Google Play

Features useful for e-commerce

Examples of progressive web applications




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