Droopler 1.3 allows you to make better websites! | Droptica Blog

Why did we make Droopler?

Maximum flexibility

Droopler — it really hits the mark!

  • each subpage looks very nice,
  • high flexibility, there is no limit to subpages or sections within a subpage,
  • no programming work required to make the website look very good,
  • no worries about the correctness of the HTML code — no need to worry whether, for example, an inserted element will display correctly on the subpage,
  • SEO optimisation, often websites that were switched to Droopler from other systems had better positions in Google search results.

What’s new in Droopler 1.3?

Droopler is also a blog because these days, everyone needs a blog on the company’s website

Plans for future versions

How to get started?



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