Development Team vs Support. What Web Development Service to Choose?

Website maintenance

Page performance

  • errors that could disable the page or slow down its performance,
  • inactive or broken links that not only mislead the users but also affect SEO.


Review of design and functionalities


Minor web development services

When to choose the support service?

Team of developers

When to select a team of developers?

How to choose the most suitable service?

  • The number of programing tasks. If you have a lot of work (f.e. a 500-hour backlog) to do for the specialists, you might need a team of developers who will help you deal with them as quickly as possible.
  • Deadline. Work speed surely matters for you also when the changes to the website should be implemented until a specific moment (e.g. before some important conference). Then you definitely need a team of developers operating full time.
  • Hourly rate. The support costs more per hour than the help of the web development team.
  • Type of work to do. If you need only small changes on your website, but regular maintenance, support will be the right choice for you.



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