Corporate Blogs — 6 Examples That Can Be an Inspiration for Your Company Website

1. Evernote — or minimalism of form

2. Starbucks — curiosity-arousing diversity

3. Samsung — a tool for communicating with the whole world

4. Slack — the power of a simple illustration

5. Airbnb — non-obvious minimalism

6. Nike — News presented using great product photos

Droopler — company website with a blog

If you are thinking about building your company website, I encourage you to base it on our Drupal distribution. Droopler is a pre-designed and ready-made website that looks great already after the installation. In Droopler, we have provided a minimalistic blog that will work great as a news section on a corporate website. We took care of a readable and attractive appearance on the screens of both computers and mobile devices. If you want to learn more about the details, click learn the details about 5 reasons to build your company website with Droopler.



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