Celebrating Drupal 21st Anniversary! How has it Been Helping Businesses?

Drupal’s growth

Drupal 3 and 4

Drupal 5 and 6

  • better user management, e.g. filtering users by role,
  • more logs, for better monitoring of what’s happening on the website,
  • performance improvements (which resulted in faster loading of the web pages).

Drupal 7 and 8

  • implementing a new page editor,
  • adding the mobile version as a built-in option,
  • including the Media module, a stable version of the Workflows module (both released in Drupal 8.4), as well as a stable version of the Layout Builder module (released in Drupal 8.7) in the core.

Drupal 9

Innovative features and benefits for various businesses

Flexibility and scalability

Open source nature

Headless CMS

Quality software for companies around the world — examples

Drupal Association and Drupal Community

Drupal anniversary — summary

  • Oliviero as a default theme,
  • introduction of CKEditor 5,
  • introduction of automatic update.



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