Automated Tests on Multiple Browsers

Tests on multiple browsers are a must nowadays, but is it worth to automate these tests? We should definitely consider this. The following article may help you make that decision. We will show you how to minimise the disadvantages and how to use the advantages of this solution. You will learn how to set up such types of tests in Codeception and where to get the browsers you will want to use in the tests.

Cross-browser testing


dcon 'test --env chrome'
dcon 'test --env chrome --env phantom --env firefox'
dcon 'test --env chrome,mobile --env phantom,desktop --env firefox,desktop'

Docker images for Selenium

  1. Do I need to have all browsers on my computer?
  2. How can you easily decide which version will be tested now?


Advantages and disadvantages of automated tests on different browsers

Parallel Execution, or how to reduce the disadvantages

Visual tests, or how to use the advantages





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