Virtual learning has gained popularity in recent years. Today, distance learning is a normal thing — online learning platforms are used not only by educational institutions, but also by enterprises. Without leaving home, we can take part in foreign language lessons, certified training courses or have a good time using online learning platforms with elements of gamification and discover something new.

Why is choosing the right education platform important?

An online learning platform should be a tool regularly used by both new and current employees. It can be used to carry out implementations, develop the skills of your specialists and satisfy their individual hunger for industry knowledge. A…

When it comes to open source ecommerce platforms, there are quite a few solutions to choose from. You may have heard about Magento or PrestaShop. But have you ever seen something about Sylius? If you haven’t, in this article, you’ll learn how it works and what features it has. We’ll also explain to you how to start with this tool and the possibilities to extend it.

What is an open source ecommerce platform?

The open source ecommerce platform is software for running and managing an online business, with direct access to the source code. These solutions are usually free. The costs you need to bear concerns hosting…


Commercial CMS platforms are convenient because you get them with the set of already configured functionalities and their developers regularly add the new ones. However, if there are still some features missing in this type of solution, they don’t meet your individual needs, or some other matters don’t suit you, consider switching to an open source system. In this article, you’ll find the benefits this change can bring you.

Commercial and open source content management systems — characteristics

Although, as a user of a commercial CMS, you most likely know its advantages and disadvantages, we’ll briefly describe the specifics of this system so that you could better understand…


Implementing projects has become a part of the rhythm of life for the vast majority of companies and organizations, regardless of the industry in which they operate. No wonder that the need for effective, successful project management has become a goal in itself, and a dense network of methodologies has emerged around project management in order to achieve it. In our article, we’ll present you some of them and advise you on how to choose the best methodology for your project.

Why may you need project management methodologies?

Project management is defined as a process during which the person managing the project carries out deliberate planning…

Interactive websites engage the users more. Watching videos, viewing compelling infographics, or completing the quizzes make them spend more time on your page. It increases the chances of remembering your company and contacting you. In our article, we’ll show you the elements of an interactive website and tell you what to use to create one in Drupal.

What is an interactive website?

It’s a website that actively engages the users. They can not only read the content but also interact with it e.g play videos, click some diagrams, or fill surveys and forms. The interactive design, which concerns creating web pages in a way that…

Effective email marketing isn’t easy. For an advertising campaign conducted using this communication channel to bring the expected results, it’s necessary not only to ensure a flawless message but also to build a good email database. How can you do that?

Building a mailing list — what should you keep in mind?

The company’s mailing database is a collection of email addresses containing both the addresses of your current, as well as potential customers. This data will be useful for you to conduct sales and marketing activities, e.g. sending offers, interesting free content that engages the reader, and invitations to participate in various events organised by your brand.

Consent to email communication

Regardless of the…

Drupal is a complex content management system (more specifically content management framework) offering great possibilities both for businesses and developers. Although the multitude of tools and subjects to learn can be overwhelming for them at first, this CMS will reward the programers with interesting technical challenges in the long run. They can also count on the support of the constantly evolving community. Do you want to become a part of it? Learn what exactly a Drupal developer should know and do.

Who are Drupal developers and what skills do they have?

These specialists build and maintain websites and applications based on Drupal, an open-source system. They know its administration panel…

The image gallery is currently one of the elements most frequently put on websites. I mean here slideshows, carousels, thumbnail galleries and banners. Galleries are particularly important and widely used in the e-commerce industry, where the visualization of the products being sold must be at the best possible level. Let’s check out the possibilities Drupal offers in this regard.


Recipe for Drupal image gallery

There are many approaches to creating image galleries in Drupal, but they all come down to the following essential elements that you need to create:

  • formatter for image fields,
  • new content type or view in the form of a block…


Together with the contact page, the services page is one of the key parts of a website. It’s also one of the basic elements of an effective business website. Presenting the scope of services is usually the main purpose of its existence. We’ll show you step by step how to create a services page in Droopler — a Drupal distribution.

Pages created using ready-made components

Droopler is a website builder based on predefined components. Thanks to a set of ready-made parts, it’s good for building company websites for organisations of all sizes. We can easily create with it a home page and each subpage…


The homepage is the most important element of a website. The first impression of the user depends on it — whether they’ll stay on the website, whether they’ll be interested in the company’s offer and the company itself. In just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to create a homepage that will help you keep your visitors’ attention.

What elements should a homepage contain?

A prospect enters the homepage. You have a few seconds to interest them and make them continue to check out your offer. How can you do that? …


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