9 Things To Take Into Consideration When Starting A Drupal-based Project

Your company has a complex website to create. Drupal was chosen as the main technology. None of the PHP developers have done anything in Drupal before or they have little experience. If this is your case, read this text before starting the development of your project. You will learn the risks and you will be better prepared to start the works.

1. Ensure the right workflow in the team

  • Working rules in the code repository (Git or others)
  • Coding standards
  • Code flow
  • Database and files flow
  • Distribution of tasks in such a way that they do not interfere with each other and that no works are being performed on the same pieces of code. If it is not possible, communicate often so as not to duplicate the works being performed.

2. Implement the tasks in the same standard

3. Get to know the configuration options in Drupal well

4. Get to know the Drupal’s API well

5. Use the View-mode

6. Create entities if you plan to create your own tables in the database

7. Write automated tests

8. Automate the application creation and the deployment to the production server

9. Advise the client if you can do something a little differently but much faster

Final thoughts



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