13 lectures and presentations worth seeing at DrupalEurope 2018 | Droptica Blog

1. Driesnote

2. Using React with Drupal. The Basics.

3. Progressive Web Apps for all Drupal sites

4. How we built a government video platform using Vue.js in just 100 days

5. Introducing the Gutenberg content editor for Drupal 8

6. Drupal distributions panel

7. Drupal 8 migrations by example

8. Autosave and concurrent editing in Drupal 8

9. Creating an enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React

10. OpenSource meets Enterprise — how Drupal and SAP Hybris can team up

11. Successfully Proving Enterprise Drupal 8 at Bayer

12. Open Source E-commerce solutions: Stop to compare, start to analyse

13. The king is dead, long live the king — or how Hooks were superseded by object-oriented alternatives in Commerce 2.x.




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